Esprit de Glisse 2017

The dark force of SPEED & STABILTY

If you like speed and Derby, carving in long stable and powerful sweeps, or just going straight down!
It is a fantastic monoski that you have to fight to master. It is a challange to use everywhere but wonderful when you tap in to its raw power! You can get quickly from edge to edge and also push the tip to create a tighter turn but also using the tail as steering power in very high speeds. You will have no problem with attacking the icy parts of the pists and you will enjoy surfing the powder. Everything in high speed and good edge control!

178cm / 188cm

Vi pusslar ihop ett paket som passar just dig och din åkstil. Rätt bindning, bra montering, Monobelt, Fångrem och frakt ända hem till dig... Till bästa pris!

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